Carre Otis

Activist and Model

"To have the experience of travel, trekking, giving back, of course I helped others but it was in the doing of this process that I helped myself. I had to get out of my comfort zone and get out of my own way."

Emma Watson

Actress and Sustainability Activist

"It's such a lovely idea to turn something so negative into something so beautiful. "

Manivone Nonthaveth

Artist and filmmaker

"I thought I had lost myself in a way in the beginning. I mean there's so many emotions. But I realized I didn't lose myself, there's just more layers to me now."

Laura Boillot

Advocate for humanitarian disarmament and weapons issues.

"humanitarian impact, focusing on improving people's lives, and approaching how we work in new and innovative ways that break from traditional diplomatic processes really motivates me."

The Latest


Born in Tonj, Emmanuel grew up in South Sudan in the war before he was rescued and taken to Kenya. His memories and life as a child soldier growing up in South Sudan include his lowest point, embarked on a journey and only 16 out of 300 survived, gave him the energy to propel himself forwards. This formative memory shaped his life, gave him purpose and a desire to be part of a solution, restoring balance and giving without expecting anything in return, to create experiences that give people joy and connect them with their purpose to increase their mental power and create the life they want to see. READ MORE >


Carre Otis Sutton is a tireless activist and author who speaks out against discrimination, sexual harassment, women’ss rights, and gender inequality. Carre has been open about her past battle with eating disorders, and as a result of intensive and dedicated spiritual and personal work, she has been graced with decades of recovery. She attributes her general sense of balance and well-being to her thirty- year practice of Tibetan Buddhism, as well as her ten-year immersion in indigenous Wisdom Traditions from South America, Africa, North America, and Asia. READ MORE >


Sandra is the co-founder of Good On You, a social enterprise that empowers shoppers to know the impact of their clothing purchases on people, the planet and animals. Despite the challenges, she remains optimistic that business can be a powerful catalyst for positive social and environmental change. is her platform that gives people that want to buy consciously and people that want to do things that make them feel good because they know that the clothes that they're wearing have come from a good place, an opportunity to know that they're supporting brands that are doing the right thing. READ MORE >


Maya started her fashion brand Maya's Ideas at the the age of 8. She is also the time TED speaker, global activist, social entrepreneur, filmmaker, philanthropist, writer and author. Being a young entrepreneur, activist artist and building this career but also being a young woman of color are all things have made her very, aware of how important it is to reach back into support and to lift up , others as much as possible. Everyone has knowledge, experience, more stories that can impact, educate and lift up others. READ MORE >


"One day, I hurt myself. I cried out and gasped up all the air and held it in to contain my physical pain. When I looked down at her standing below me, her arms were outstretched and her eyes were puddles of tears. When I opened my eyes and made contact with hers, she wailed and reached up to give me a hug." She felt my pain. I could not help but think - "wow, that's magic". It's a sensitivity we're all born with. This is a language of beauty. It's internal. And it's innate. READ MORE >


It's 2019. Camille and I are pictured with Mrs. Bouakham. When I met her over ten years ago in the village where ARTICLE22 works, she graciously invited me to spend the night at her house. She was the Women's Village Chief and a weaver.A few years later, she became a MAG medic. Today, she oversees one of the all female teams. She is a mother of two, farmer, widow and sole breadwinner. READ MORE >


BBC Sounds tells the story of how a rural village in Laos took their local innovation to the global market through an unexpected partnership with our Founder, Elizabeth Suda 10 years ago. ARTICLE22 was born as artisans who spent over 40 years transforming shrapnel and scrap into soup spoons then began making bracelets with a first order of 500 pieces from Elizabeth. READ MORE >


New York, New York. #GivingTuesday 2020 gave us the opportunity to share our story in Times Square. Doing anything worthwhile is never easy, but that's the thing - it's always worth it. It's been a real adventure making it from Xieng Khouang, Laos to New York, New York! It's been 11 years since we first left NYC on a flight to Laos and had the idea to create jewelry that would buy back the bombs to raise awareness about the Secret War and funds to help MAG (Mines Advisory Group) clear its legacy of 80 million unexploded bombs. This Times Square moment truly brings us full circle and it is all made possible by the thoughtful and intrepid travelers, shoppers, and human beings who have joined our virtuous circle. READ MORE >


We believe in fairies. They are usually good, kind, and generous. We have many in our community (that's you!). And we are grateful to count as one of them, shero, sustainability queen, and all around thoughtful human: Emma Watson. While dropping books all across London she wore our Virtuous Circle Hoop Earrings. SWOON. ,She was beginning a global effort with @bookfairiesworldwide to hide 2,000 copies of Little Women. (She appears as Meg March in the film) READ MORE >


In March 2017, Emma Watson wore our Dome Earrings. JOY. But it wasn't quite that simple. Here’s a story about our entrepreneurial feat of the year, and, a few acts of kindness we'll never forget.       READ MORE >


We were honored to be guests of MAG (Mines Advisory Group) - invited to celebrate HRH Prince Harry's announcement that he will walk in his mother's footsteps toward a #landminefree2025. Princess Diana had made the problem of landmines a humanitarian issue. Harry commits to carry on this legacy advocating for the removal and eradication of landmines across the world. READ MORE >


Women That Rock is a music curation & discovery platform with a mission to spotlight & celebrate the best rising women in music. READ MORE >


During my time as an undergraduate at Harvard, I became a rape survivor. Clear and accurate information about my legal rights as a survivor was hard to find. My rape kit, along with many other survivors like me, was set to be destroyed much earlier than the statute of limitations. From that experience, I fought to pass the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights through Congress. READ MORE >


"Sabaidee Wandering Soul". The quote is from my visual poem “s.o.s. in reverse”, inspired by my experiences meeting other Laotians. As a refugee living in America (especially one whose history had not been celebrated or even acknowledged) I had always felt lost about my identity and meeting other Lao people helped me find a sense of “home”. Sometimes it was life-changing and other times not so pleasant, but it always seems necessary to seek out other people like me, so we could learn our histories together. READ MORE >


“I was an adult before I learned first-hand what it truly meant to exist as a minority in America. That was a sobering lesson.” We’ve all experienced when something clicks and our life suddenly changes in a small or big way, Ryann Richardson shares some pivotal moments that prompted her to think how she thinks, live how she lives, do what she does. READ MORE >


We love a good double entendre and the word ‘Latitude’ was chosen because it reflects various points on a map and means freedom from restriction. The Latitude Project helps alleviate the stresses of poverty in ways that engage & empower people. From roofs to clean water and healthcare to education, together we build solutions that make sense. READ MORE >


'Michela what do you want to become when you grow up" A paintress, i replied. I remember some color; greenish and violet, a fence, a garden and just me formulating these 2 words. Even though it is a very delicate and almost trembling image, at the same time it is incredibly strong. I cannot be more grateful to the luck I had on being so clear and sure about my path in life. READ MORE >


Emmanuel Jal, former child soldier who was saved by UK Aid worker Emma McCune when he was a young boy, is now and artist and peace activist. Look for the stories. Every day you're learning new stories, because stories are the language in which we learn as human beings. With metaphors, then you get poetry, and then you have got stories. READ MORE >


Kulap Vilaysack is a child of refugees from Laos. Born in Washington, D.C. and raised in Eagan, Minnesota, she currently resides in Los Angeles . Her debut documentary Origin Story chronicles a road trip into her complicated past. Vilaysack is also the creator, showrunner and sometimes director of the comedy series Bajillion Dollar Propertie$. She served as co-executive producer of the NBC special, A Legendary Christmas with John and Chrissy.” She is the founder and big sister to Laos Angeles, a community that advocates for the advancement of Laos and her diaspora in media and entertainment.READ MORE >


Katelyn Kopenhaver is a photographer and multimedia artist originally from Doylestown, Pennsylvania and currently works and resides in New York City where her works are exhibited by Pen & Brush Gallery. Kopenhaver is preoccupied with societal oversight, those crucial moments that are seen but forgotten, the glimpse of an act between two people that alarms us, an instant where we ask ourselves “should I intervene?” Her most recent project, NOT FOR SALE, is for anyone who has ever felt commodified. It’s for all the individuals affected directly or indirectly by traumas. You’re a human, and you aren’t for sale. READ MORE >


I was 13 years old and preparing for my (first) worldwide TEDTalk. I was afraid to present myself on a global platform during this vulnerable time in my life. My mom’s encouraging advice to “do it afraid” instilled strength in me and transformed my definition of confidence, and I’ve lived by those words ever since. Maya is the youngest person to give back-to-back TED Talks, three in total. Her latest TEDWomen Talk received over 1.2 million views and is one of the top 15 TEDWomen talks of all time. READ MORE >


Julia Butterfly Hill is an activist, author, motivational speaker, and life coach. She is best known for having lived in a 200 foot tall, over 1,000-year-old California redwood tree for 738 days without ever touching the ground. Hill lived in the tree, known as Luna, to prevent Pacific Lumber Company from cutting it down and logging the surrounding grove. She is the author of Legacy of Luna and Becoming and co-author of One Makes the Difference. Julia has had a passion for art and creativity continues to support the arts-- especially for under-served and under-represented communities. READ MORE >


A Bomb's Journey is a short film Red Bull made to chronicle Rebecca's return to Laos, meeting with the brave MAG women clearing the land, and the ARTICLE22 artisans of Ban Naphia producing the Be Good Collection of jewelry. Two daughters, two stories, one war. READ MORE >


My dad signed all his letters home from the Vietnam War with those words. Every single one said "be good, Steve". That's the purpose I took, from my trip, from the Ho Chi Minh Trail, is to be good. Interpret that however you want. Rebecca Rusch on The Rich Roll Podcast talking about the launching of The Be Good Foundation and her ARTICLE22 jewelry collaboration.  READ MORE >


Skin cancer left a Z-shaped scar on her forehead. Embracing this personal horror, Beatrix turned it into beauty by tattooing it light purple. It was this concept of transformation that led us to create our first mantra bangles : "in your body is a good place to be." Beatrix has been an ARTICLE22 collaborator ever since. Born in Germany, she lives between New York and Charlottesville which she considers her main home today. READ MORE >


Lindvall has been an ardent environmentalist for the entirety of her career, and her collaboration with ARTICLE22 marks the intersection between her work revolving sustainability and her life as a mother of two teenage boys, Dakota and Sebastian. Voted the"Best Dressed Environmentalist" in 2004 and 2005 by the Sustainable Style Foundation, she lets us peek into her life and home. READ MORE >


The only American-born child of three, Manivone's mother was pregnant with her when she immigrated from a refugee camp in Thailand. Leaving behind a war torn past in Laos, her family arrived in Denver, Colorado. Living in America challenged her to assimilate and simultaneously afforded her educational opportunities - a dual process that developed her notion of self and sense as an artist, making her the versatile woman she is today. Now, a mother of two, Manivone lives in Brooklyn. READ MORE >


Kathryn Duval got the job as Development Director of MAG America (Mines Advisory Group), but left the interview convinced it was a flop. She had celebrated her mother for half of the interview when responding to the question: who inspires you? She credits her mother, Susan, not only for the job (ha!), but also for an incredible upbringing through the personal sacrifices she made. READ MORE >


Laura's work in disarmament started with small arms at the Cluster Munitions Coalition to ban the use and stockpiling of cluster bombs which represent a large portion of the 80 million unexploded bombs in Laos. Today, Laura's mission remains humanitarian disarmament, advocating for international commitment not to use heavy explosive weapons in populated areas such as towns and cities and the improvement of the lives of people caught in conflict. At home, she is devoted to family time with her husband and three girls, living each moment with intention, whether at home or during adventures across Europe in the family Volkswagen campervan. READ MORE >


Working between Barcelona and Bangkok, Jose Luis Fettolini has worked for nearly two decades in jewelry and fashion as a designer and creative director. He is the founder of Workshop R2, an educational platform for jewelry designers and entrepreneurs aimed at cultivating creativity and offering training in brand building, commercial strategies, and ethical and sustainable practices. Fettolini turned his focus to sustainability in the industry after finding a lack of reliable data and readily-accessible information on the subject. He has since collected his extensive research and case studies into his new book “Sustainable Jewellery: Principles and Processes for Creating an Ethical Brand,” featuring the Article22 story. Below he shares with us his personal journey from designer to sustainability and ethical jewelry advocate. READ MORE >


Magali An Berthon is a textile designer, art director, and scholar with extensive knowledge of global arts and crafts, specifically the artisanal practices of Southeast Asia. Her dual Vietnamese and French heritage led to cultural and anthropological interests, which she has pursued in her study of textile history. Magali traded her job in high-end fashion to pursue her own research, seeking to understand sustainable and quintessentially human crafts. Below, Magali delves into her own career experiences and stories of positive transformation. READ MORE >

Emma Watson

In March 2017, Emma Watson wore our Dome Earrings on the Ellen Show, but the full story wasn't quite that simple.
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