True story

In March 2017, Emma Watson wore our Dome Earrings. JOY.

But it wasn’t quite that simple. Here’s a story about our entrepreneurial feat of the year, and, a few acts of kindness we’ll never forget.



Email subject: URGENT // TPT // EMMA WATSON // ARTICLE22.

Quite frankly, we think it is spam. It’s not. Emma is about to go on the Beauty and the Beast @the_press_tour and will only wear sustainable fashion. Our jewelry is upcycled, fair trade, and charitable – we are selected by Eco Age to send samples!

Minor problem. The pieces need to be in London by noon Monday but we have only one sample of the new collection Camille is presenting at a tradeshow in New York. Fast forward: it’s Friday and no carrier can guarantee timely delivery.

A big decision for a small company, less than 24 hours later, our super-intern receives the passport her parents overnight from Philly. Emily is flying to London. Just as I return from brunch on Sunday, Emily rings:

“I can’t find the box of earrings.”

I FEEL ALL THE FEELINGS. I had packed the bag. Back in the office on Friday, in the frantic process of purchasing Emily’s flight and packing, the black earring box had fallen into a black bin and become camouflaged.

I dash home and grab my passport as Gael texts flight options. There is only one flight that will ensure delivery by noon Monday. Through traffic and pouring rain, I arrive at JFK Airport breathless.

I put my pride in my pocket and begin:

“Excuse me miss, are you going to London by chance?” 
”Yeah, I’m a designer, too. Good luck with that.” 
“Excuse me, sir… oh, you’re going to Phoenix? Your accent would suggest otherwise…”

After 50+ rejections, I am about to give up. Suddenly, I lock eyes with a young woman [hope springs]

“Are you going to London by chance?” 
”Yes, I am.” [The color drains from her face, which now screams of instant regret for telling the innocent truth.]

Trembling, jewelry tumbling to floor, unable to speak in sentences –

“My fair trade jewelry company… Emma Watson… entrepreneur…” 
“You realize that this is exactly what the airlines tell you not to do, right?” 
”I know. You can say no, I understand, but just take a quick look at our jewelry made from…” [NOT the time for detail] 
”I worked at Celine – I know how crazy fashion is. What’s your Instagram?” 
”Genius, yes, it is article_22…”

“Ok, I’m going to do this for you. I break down in tears every day on the subway. Strangers give me tissues. My best friend just dumped me. I’m heartbroken. I need to repay the universe karma points. I’m glad I can help.”

“I’m. So. Sorry. I can’t thank you enough. I will mail you a gift. Lots of gifts!” 
”Better, do you know any nice guys?! And anyway, how do you know I’ll even deliver the package?” 
”I have more to loose not trying.”

We hug. We part. I pivot and hustle back [in what feels like slo-mo]. Just before she enters security, “E-liii-sssaaa, we need to take a seeeelf-ieee.”

selfie cropped and shared with Elissa’s permission

Around 10 Monday morning, Emily meets Elissa at the London Bridge Hotel. At this point, we don’t have any certainty that Emma’s stylist, Rebecca Corbin Murray, will choose our earrings, but we almost don’t even care – we say TRIUMPH.

A few weeks later, we are in the midst of a photoshoot of – THE earrings.

Emily texts: “OMG. ARTICLE22 ON ELLEN”. Emma is not only wearing our earrings but she is telling Ellen the story! (Check out the video that Emily’s amazing mother caught on camera by pure chance.)

These are true acts of kindness we’ll never forget.

And, as for our other heroine, Elissa: we gifted her a necklace with rose quartz which symbolizes love and is meant to stimulate romance. After wearing it for a few months, she met someone and changed jobs – she is a behavioral psychologist, and self-described disruptor, currently working in fashion to foster a good working environment for all employees (so our style!).

We are definitely not taking credit for her meeting a good guy because she’s just great and, well, that’s good karma.