Beatrix Ost: On the Snakes' Kingdom


"Let me tread carefully into the grasshoppers' realm, the snakes' kingdom, the bees' airspace."

- Beatrix Ost, "Illuminations & Illusions"

There is not only contradiction inherent in the snake, but also transformation, ultimate renewal: if we use our responsibility triumphantly, we can be like the perceptive snake, which sheds its skin annually, replacing the old beautiful layer with a fresh, beautiful one. Let our renewal grow back for a future more brilliant, enduring, greener, and stronger.



"The snake, the symbol of good as well as evil, of medicine as well as poison, reminds us to be aware of our powers - choose them well."

- Beatrix Ost


Torosiete Museum of Contemporary Art has created a 3D experience featuring Beatrix's most recent exhibition, "Illuminations & Illusions." View the video above to be transported into the exhibition and follow the link here to browse Beatrix's extraordinarily breathtaking art.



Beatrix Ost, artist, author, designer, filmmaker, icon - the list continues on.

Since 2015, Beatrix Ost has brought vision to ARTICLE22. With a shared ethos, Beatrix was inspired by the transformation story behind Peacebomb jewelry. Her personal transformation story was skin cancer that left a Z-shaped scar on her forehead. Embracing this personal horror, she turned it into beauty by tattooing it purple.

It was this concept of transformation that led us to create our first mantra bangles : "In your body is a good place to be." Beatrix states, "To be at home in your body is an enormously important thing. However you are, you should be at home in it."

In your body is a good place to be.




Some of our favorite pieces from "Illuminations & Illusions" by Beatrix Ost



"Responsibility Is a Triumphant Tool."


"Nature Politely Declines- Metamorphosis of Order"



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