Emma Watson: Shero & Sustainability Queen

Photo by Amaal Said, @amaalsaid


We believe in fairies. They are usually good, kind, and generous. We have many in our community (that's you!). And we are grateful to count as one of them, shero, sustainability queen, and all around thoughtful human: Emma Watson.

Yesterday, she wore our

-Virtuous Circle Hoop Earrings-


Photo by Amaal Said, @amaalsaid

Dropping books all across London, she began a global effort with @bookfairiesworldwide to hide 2,000 copies of Little Women. (She appears as Meg March in the film, which is in theaters now!)

Photo by Amaal Said, @amaalsaid

We really appreciate the love and wanted to share this fun news with you. Since becoming part of our virtuous circle in 2017, the first pair of ARTICLE22 earrings Emma wore will have contributed to MAG (Mines Advisory Group) to clear over 10,000 square meters of contaminated land in Laos by the end of this year.

Sold out

Photo by Michael Dumler, @on_abbotkinney

" It's such a lovely idea to turn something so negative into something positive."  - EMMA WATSON | 2017

We agree. Big thanks to Emma and to you for being part of our virtuous circle.


PS In case you missed it, check out the blog for the story behind how Emma came to wear the first pair of ARTICLE22 earrings in 2017.

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