“ Give yourself latitude.

We love a good double entendre and the word ‘Latitude’ was chosen because it reflects various points on a map and means freedom from restriction. The word expresses our love for travel, staying curious, and engaging with the world around us, as well as our desire to give back along the way, helping to free people from their restrictions, whatever they might be.

"We help alleviate the stresses of poverty in ways that engage & empower people. From roofs to clean water and healthcare to education, together we build solutions that make sense."

The Latitude Project: Activists l Empowering Communities  


the position north or south of the equator measured from 0° to 90°
freedom to behave, act, or think in the way you want to

The Latitude Project empowers local leaders to build community projects in education, health, sanitation and women’s empowerment throughout Latin America. Founded by sisters, Alanna and Jennifer Tynan, this passion project has grown into an international organization fueling human potential around the world. “We ask more questions than we give answers. We don’t believe that we are the experts and because of that, each local project is as diverse, creative and innovative as the people we work with.” These projects have given us the latitude to explore the world around us, stay curious, and give back along the way. Through it all, we’ve learned that one of the deepest and most reciprocal forms of self care is to truly care about and love other people and other things, outside of ourselves. How do you give yourself latitude?


Give yourself latitude.


Our artisan partners are entrepreneurs and agents of change. Each piece helps MAG (Mines Advisory Group) clear some of the 80 million unexploded bombs from their land.

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