Laura Sophie Cox: Fashion and Celebrity Stylist | Activist

Celebrity stylist Laura Sophie Cox joins forces with sustainable jewelry brand ARTICLE22 to present the Shine Your Light Collection. Made by traditional artisans in Laos from upcycled war shrapnel and scrap, each piece is transformed into a symbol of love and light. Get to know Laura Sophie Cox more from ARTICLE22's Q&A with her below.


On you-

I was born in Cyprus (army baby!). I grew up in the English countryside. Home for the last 6 years has been Los Angeles.

Do you have a formative place or memory that guides you in your life?

The Cotswolds. On the farm I grew up on as a child. The rolling hills, surrounded by animals, immersed in nature. That’s my happy place and what drives my passion to always be a better human being.

Do you have a personal mantra, message, or phrase that you always keep in mind?

Kindness. Always treat others the way you want to be treated.


"We all have a responsibility when it comes to the clothes we wear and their impact on the environment."

What do you do? What purpose motivates you?

I am a celebrity fashion and editorial stylist. To be more sustainable when it comes to styling has been my main motivation and something that I share deeply with my clients. We all have a responsibility when it comes to the clothes we wear and their impact on the environment. Working closely with my clients to ensure we are promoting sustainable fashion for all those red carpet moments, is central to my business. It is what drives me professionally and personally.

What are you most excited about in the next 12 months?

Creating more exciting moments with my clients, getting married in September, and of course, this collection arriving. It has been nearly 2 years in the making!


"I love that ARTICLE22 is creating these beautiful & meaningful pieces with a purpose, promoting sustainability and celebrating stories of positive transformation. The world needs more of this!"


Why does sustainability in fashion matter?

It’s vital. I truly believe when slow fashion is part of the design process, celebrity dressing takes on a whole new meaning. It challenges the current fashion system. And what better way to celebrate these brands, like ARTICLE22, than by having strong women wear their powerful designs on the red carpet.

What was it like to design your own collection?

I have loved every second of it. It was a privilege to work with Elizabeth and her team, designing these pieces from scratch all the way through to the final product.

To collaborate with like minded people who are dedicated to, and focused on, sustainable practices has been a joy.



How was it to work with such an unusual material? Were there any challenges?

There is a delicate process when working with war shrapnel. Each piece of metal is unique, and every item we have created has been designed specifically to its shape and size. Although this has required delicate care & attention, the result is a beautifully handcrafted, timeless piece you can treasure forever.

Which is your favorite ARTICLE22 classic bangle bracelet?

The I Am Love, I Am Light, I Am Peace bangle. This inspired the name for my collection Shine Your Light.

Which is your favorite piece of our jewelry?

Laos Dome earrings, also adored by my client Emma Watson.





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