New York, New York. #GivingTuesday 2020 gave us the opportunity to share our story in Times Square. Doing anything worthwhile is never easy, but that's the thing - it's always worth it. It's been a real adventure making it from Xieng Khouang, Laos to New York, New York! It's been 11 years since we first left NYC on a flight to Laos and had the idea to create jewelry that would buy back the bombs to raise awareness about the Secret War and funds to help MAG (Mines Advisory Group) clear its legacy of 80 million unexploded bombs. This Times Square moment truly brings us full circle and it is all made possible by the thoughtful and intrepid travelers, shoppers, and humanbeings who have joined our virtuous circle. If you're reading this, we are very likely describing you. Know that our gratitude is immense.

So, as Frank and Alicia say, if we can make it here, we can make it anywhere... New York, New York...!

It was a fun afternoon. Despite the cold and even with holiday markets in full swing, some of our team made it to see the billboards and so did our first collaborator, Beatrix Ost, and our model Manivone Nonthaveth who brought her daughters Bua and newborn baby Amma to see their mama on the big screens. Except for the theaters nearby, there is no better reason to visit Times Square than to see us on the big screens (in our humble opinions, anyway!!). Here are some fun facts about the peaceful warriors who make ARTICLE22 happen here at our headquarters in New York.


Our team is international from Laos to New York. Co-founder, Camille Hautefort, hails from Paris an and is married to an American artist. She is wearing Angela Lindvall Peace Begins in Me Collection Spheric Seed of Life Drop Earrings.


Kelly Bullen, Operations Manager, hails from Adelaide, Australia. She likes to pretend it's summer all the time. Technically, she's right. It's summer in Australia right now! So, she's wearing her favorite earrings she named In the Breeze Bodhi Leaves which are inspired by the tree of life.


Manivone Nonthaveth is our first Lao-American model. She was pregnant during the photoshoot last year and is now a mother of two sweet girls, Bua and Amma. Under her layers, she's wearing our signature Birthstone Necklace.


Manivone is the only American-born child of her mother who immigrated from a refugee camp in Thailand to flee a war torn past in Laos. Learn more about Manivone on our blog.


Beatrix Ost is our first design collaboration. Knowing she was a Renaissance Woman with many talents including painting in a surrealist style, Camille gifted her a This is Not a Spoon spoon. It was love at first spoon.


Beatrix grew up in Germany during WWII. She witnessed war and later moved to NYC, became Buddhist and a supporter of The Tibet House. Despite being incredibly punctual herself, she is always immensely patient and flexible with our tardiness as we hustle around the city.


Co-founder, Elizabeth Suda, had her first baby, Sophia, last year. Well, second, because ARTICLE22 is technically the first. Under her layers, she is wearing the 14K Gold Seed of Life Birthstone Necklace in Sapphire in honor of baby Sophia's September birth.


#BatmanTimesSquare is now a major fan of Peacebomb Jewelry! Elizabeth, Camille, Kelly, Manivone, and Beatrix totally felt like "supersheroes".

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