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One of a kind collectors fercupium pendant made from iron shrapnel from Kharkiv, Ukraine, finished with bronze and measuring 50.7x16.3x8.2mm. Accession number P2320. Available with or without 24in rhodium plated sterling silver wheat chain. Additional precious chain options are available upon request. Exchange only.


"The war changed my life, changed my priorities and values. It was necessary for me to adapt and survive, to save the team, the studio and the gallery, and most importantly, to be useful creatively in the victory of Ukraine and its restoration." 


Stanislav Drokin is a contemporary artist who makes one of a kind fine jewelry pieces. Based in Kharkiv, Ukraine, Drokin uses existing and invented methods to create jewelry: from traditional and autors to modern 3D technology depending on the creative goal. Always testing limits, Drokin holds three victories in international competitions held in the USA and two in Europe.


"I am fascinated by improvisation — creating jewellery without sketches, using intuition, a sense of harmony and a shape — it’s like jazz. Constant experiments led me to bimetallic casting, creating unique jewellery without soldering, using my own techniques of hybrid, double casting and sequential casting. It is impossible to replicate and create them…"


Drokin’s singular designs are positioned in the context of the art market which values the individuality and rarity of his work created with vision, intuition, and the utmost mastery. Working during a period of global change and digital transformation, Drokin’s role has always advanced a creative conversation between the intangible world, cultural heritage, and the contemporary environment.


Since the war in Ukraine, Drokin started the “Forget-Me-Not” Project experimenting with bomb fragments, adorning them with blue metal flowers to raise funds for those in need and bring Ukraine's victory closer. The pieces from the “Forget-Me-Not” collection are intended for people, organizations, and companies that provide support to Ukraine, making an invaluable contribution to the victory of Ukraine.


ARTICLE22 jewelry is made from two of the most abundant metals on earth, aluminum and iron, which were generated inside collapsing stars that gave birth to all the suns, planets, and moons across the universe – and – people on Earth. We are made of starstuff. The iron found in our blood is the same that forms the tanks and weapons of the global arms industry. Mother Earth and the elements that course through our veins unite us all. And yet humans expend more than double forging these materials into a business of destruction instead of the business of creation – of jewelry.

Civilians in conflict zones are often also united by legacies of war that transcend borders and governments and surpass dates in history books. Long lasting unexploded ordnance (UXO) threatens generations to come. A humanitarian response to making the earth safe for civilians is requisite in the places where we collaborate – Laos and Ukraine.

ARTICLE22 jewelry is made by resilient humans who transform the negative energy of destruction into the positive energy of creation. Each piece contributes to MAG (Mines Advisory Group) to make their communities free from UXO.

Your REVIVAL COLLECTION purchase contributes $100 to MAG (Mines Advisory Group) to safely and expertly clear unexploded bombs contaminating communities in Ukraine.





    Available for exchange only

    Each one of a kind piece is hand crafted with iron shrapnel from the Kharkiv region of Ukraine where master jeweler Stanislav Drokin transforms them in his studio which he has endeavored to sustain since the start of the war.



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