Jody Williams, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate: On Reclaiming What Peace Really Means

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Jody Williams is one of our heroines. She talks straight, curses when necessary, and gets sh*t done. She was a driving force behind the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize shared with our partners and co-laureates, MAG (Mines Advisory Group). Jody insists,

Democracy is not just about voting. It’s about being an active citizen... In my view, what we need today is people getting up and taking action to reclaim the meaning of peace. It is not a dirty word. It’s hard work every single day… we can’t wait for the other guy. We have to do it ourselves.

Jody's vision of peace is full of nuance and isn't politically correct or aspiring to ideals. It's a vision of the world that is grey - neither black/ white, neither either/ or. We realize that ambiguity can be uncomfortable, but hearing her speak about nuclear disarmament, her fellow female Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, and how she led the charge to ban landmines along with thousands of NGOs in 90 countries - somehow feels like a warm hug.

I am not a complete pacifist like some of my really, really heavy duty non-violent friends. I understand that humans are so “messed-up” to use a nice word because I promised my mom that I wouldn’t use the F-bomb in public...

We need a little bit of police, we need a little bit of military but for defense.
We need to redefine what makes us secure in this world. It is not arming ourselves to the teeth.