ARTICLE22 jewelry is made from two of the most abundant metals on earth, aluminum and iron, which were generated inside collapsing stars. The iron found in our blood is the same that forms the tanks and weapons of the global arms industry. Mother Earth and the elements that course through our veins unite us all. Yet humans expend more than double forging these materials into a business of destruction instead of the business of creation - of jewelry. Civilians in conflict zones of the present like Ukraine and past like Laos are also united by the threat of lasting unexploded ordnance. Each REVIVAL pendant contributes to MAG (Mines Advisory Group).

Stanislav Drokin is an acclaimed contemporary artist who makes one of a kind fine jewelry pieces. Based in Kharkiv, Ukraine, Drokin uses existing and invented methods to create jewelry including detonated shrapnel pieces from around the region of his hometown.

The war changed my life, changed my priorities and values. It was necessary for me to adapt and survive, to save the team, the studio and the gallery, and most importantly, to be useful creatively.

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